Happy Canada Day.
While our application didn’t get through this year, we are looking to get our application through for the 2016 festival. With a whole year to plan, we are looking forward to an epic slide for the 2016 festival. In the mean time, we will be doing a few smaller gathering to raise awareness and build support. keep posted!

June 20, 2015- 
Hello Slide the Main supporters, we couldn’t get our application in for the 2015 festival but we are not as disappointed becuase we have plans for a 2016 slide. The goal was rather ambitious with only 4 months to get a slide up. The Bristol slide spent a year getting awareness and fundraising. As a result of the last four months, we have thousands of supporters and dozens of volutneers who are have shown interest in getting a 2016 slide running.

Mar 20, 2015- 
Excited about the slide? Come out to our team meeting and meet the masterminds behind this community project. We are looking for more bright minds to get involved. Sign up here:

Mar 03, 2015- 

We just collected 1000 registrations on our website! We are on our way to 10,000 signatures to slide the mayor!

Our core organizer team is growing and we are recruiting more core organizers to be liaisons with different community groups and stakeholders. We are also in talks with an event productions company to discuss the logistics and equipment.

We also have some people showing interest in seeing a slide in other municipalities such as Richmond, British Columbia, Burnaby, British Columbia and New Westminster, British Columbia. We are open to helping form teams and slides for each of those cities if there’s enough interest and people getting involved!

Stay Tuned!

Feb 20, 2015- In talks with Bristol Waterslide
We are in talks with the Bristol Waterslide. The organizers are happy that we’re doing a slide and would be happy to provide us with their blueprint. They recommended that we carry out a fundraiser to purchase the equipment and slides.

-Send us a picture of what it would look like if we slide the Mayor. Send to slidethemain@gmail.com

Feb 08, 2015- 9:00PM- A petition to Slide the Mayor
The team at Slide the Main is disappointed at the city’s stance toward a slide and is launching a petition alongside with its proposal to see a water slide on main street as well as a call to SLIDE THE MAYOR.

“It’s about time for Vancouver to shed its ‘no fun city’ label and do something awesome. What better way to launch this than to have our very own Mayor to slide down this awesome slide!”

Slide the Main is aiming for 10,000 signatures in its petition before making a call out to the Mayor to slide down main street. People can sign the petition .

-Send us a picture of what it would look like if we slide the Mayor. Send to slidethemain@gmail.com

Feb 08, 2015- 6:00PM- Proposal to the City
We are in the process of approaching City Hall and Car Free Day with an event proposal.

We are in the talks with Bristol’s water slide event (which we personally feel is much better planned than the for profit slide the city) and discussing about using their 80 page guide which includes safety assessment, safety protocols and operating procedures.

We are very confident that the Bristol Waterslide’s strict guideline (including 1 person sliding at a time rule) and safety assessments & solutions will address the City’s safety concerns. While Slide the City does seem fun, they have many obvious safety concerns Slide the Main was well aware of and to ensure MetroVancouver’s first street community waterslide be a safe and enjoyable experience.

We are confident that a slide is possible and would encourage the community to continue to stand alongside slide the main.

Feb 07, 2015- 7:00PM- Call for Organizers
Slide the Main is calling for Volunteers and organizers to get involved in the planning of this event. It will be Vancouver’s first ‘open source’ waterslide bringing together people for one day of awesomeness. We need people in the area of:
-Grant/Proposal/Legal Experts
-Event Operations
-PR and Communications


Feb 06, 2015- 11:59AM- 24hours:
At 24hours mark we have received:
-250 registrations
-5000 page visits
-Mentioned in 5 news sites
-couple dozen volunteer applications

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